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the worst thing ever is when you can feel someone getting bored with you


Date someone who would rather watch your favorite movie with you than go to a party on Friday night. Date someone who will share their food with you even though you said you didn’t want any. Date someone who will warm your hands in the winter and kiss your pink nose. Date someone who will text you they love you at 2am and at 9pm. Date someone who will let you change the station in the car when they’re driving. Date someone who can make you smile when you would rather die. Date someone who makes your insides feel like you’ve just downed a bottle of vodka. Date someone who makes you better.

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practice Momotarou kun


practice Momotarou kun

Trackname: Little Black Dress
artist: Sara Bareilles
album: The Blessed Unrest
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Sara Bareilles || Little Black Dress





"do gay people even eat fast food?"😂

👏👏👏 this is amazing

This is amazing🙌👏


The mob loved Margaery so much they were even willing to love Joffrey again. She had belonged to Renly, the handsome young prince who had loved them so well he had come back from beyond the grave to save them. And the bounty of Highgarden had come with her, flowing up the roseroad from the south. The fools didn’t seem to remember that it had been Mace Tyrell who closed the roseroad to begin with, and made the bloody famine.